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Latest articles


    Being about the same size as the UK, Ghana is one of the most accessible countries in West Africa and (apart from a few inter-ethnic scuffles and land disputes in the far north) it is a relatively calm and safe destination…

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    For those familiar with Asia and its birds, Mai Po needs no introduction. For those unfamiliar, Hong Kong’s Mai Po marshes provide an irresistible draw for birds, birders and anyone with an interest in wild places from all around the world. But this is not some far-flung wilderness. It lies on the doorstep of one of the world’s busiest urban areas and is a major airline hub, making Mai Po accessible to all…

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    By Roger Lederer and Carol Burr Timber Press, 2014; hbk, 224pp; numerous colour illustrations ISBN 978-1-60469-546-5 £14.99 Have you ever paused as you peruse the latest edition of British Birds, or skimmed…

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    The annual report of the Rare Breeding Birds Panel will be published in BB this summer yet almost 20 recording areas across the UK are still to provide data for 2013…

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    Dartford Warbler, North Wales; pic by Gary Thoburn

    Is it better to live in the north or the south? It’s a question that even birds are struggling to answer as the climate in different parts of Britain changes in a variety of ways…

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