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    The Canary Islands archipelago has long been popular with birders from all over Europe owing to the number of endemic species found there. In comparison, relatively little attention has been paid to the rarities that have occurred – which is surprising given that the Canary Islands have added at least six species to the Western Palearctic list…

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    Positioning itself at the cutting edge of bird identification, this book tackles eighteen problem pairs and groups. The species and subspecies covered have been chosen from a British-based birder’s perspective; most of the challenges are, however, also relevant elsewhere in Europe…

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    Turtle Doves; pic by Andy Hay/RSPB

    The Turtle Dove, which features in one of our best-loved Christmas carols, is in serious trouble but this year it has been given a generous gift thanks to the dedication of two hard-working volunteer fundraisers. Inspired partly by 2014 marking the centenary of the extinction of a related bird with an alarmingly similar story, the Passenger Pigeon, the pair took on gruelling physical challenges, raising over £5,000 between them for Turtle Dove conservation…

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    Book reviews // 17.12.2014


    This is a handsome book – heavy, but well laid out, complete with lots of explanatory tables and positively fecund with colour photographs. Nigel Holmes (who sadly passed away in October this year) and Paul Raven are not only leading experts in river ecology but also wear their expertise lightly…

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    Bittern - pic by Andy Hay/RSPB

    Bitterns, once extinct in the UK, have had a record year in England with the highest number of individuals recorded since the 1800s…

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